5 reasons to do collaborative event paintings

August 14, 2021

If you’re holding a special event, it’s important to do something that will keep your guests entertained. A live band is a common choice as it allows guests the opportunity to get up and dance or simply enjoy the music from their seats. However, the noise can be cumbersome to those who simply want to enjoy a conversation. Give your guests a different type of experience with event paintings from me, Roni Golan. If you’re not familiar with event paintings, keep reading to learn more about why they’re a great source of entertainment for your next special event.

Interactive experience

When it comes to group involvement at an event, it can be difficult to get people out of their seats to participate. Magicians and hypnotists will put on a fun and entertaining show, but nobody in the crowd ever wants to be the one pulled up on stage. An event painting is an easy way to create an interactive experience for everyone at your event without anyone feeling self-conscious about the final result. Most people aren’t artists so their work won’t be judged as individual masterpieces. Instead, all contributions will be a beautiful piece of the final product.

Captures the spirit of your event

Every event has a certain spirit about it. Whether it’s slightly irreverent, playful, or subdued, a painting can capture that spirit and be a piece for you to forever look back on. In addition to catching the spirit of the event itself, you can get a piece of the personality of every person who contributes. Your guests will put a piece of themselves on the canvas and you can take their experience home with you and have it forever.

Creates a unique experience

Most people won’t ever have a chance to touch a paintbrush to a canvas. You can provide the most artistically challenged individuals you know with the opportunity to feel like a true artist for even one minute with event paintings. Your group painting will be a unique experience that most people haven’t had anywhere else. Having an opportunity to contribute to a larger work of art is something they’re likely to remember for the rest of their lives.

Offers passive entertainment

Everyone has their own way of enjoying the environment at an event. While some like to be in the middle of the social mix with all eyes on them, others are content standing on the sideline in a more reserved role. Event paintings allow opportunities for people on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between to enjoy the setting. Those who want to socialize can mix and mingle with those in line waiting their turn to paint. Additionally, if you’re the event host, the line that forms gives you a chance to speak with each guest directly without having to bounce from table to table as they eat.

Results in a fun party favor

After the event is complete and the final details of the painting have been finished, you get to keep the final product. In addition to having a painting that’s unique to your event, I also offer prints of the original that can be given as gifts as well as thank you cards. Send a copy of the collaborative painting to those who contributed as a thank you for participating and supporting the event. It’s unlike any other party favor you can offer your guests.

Get in touch to schedule

If you’d like to book me, Roni Golan, for your next special event, please get in touch. I truly enjoy the atmosphere event paintings create and look forward to being a part of these events. Give me a call at 815-979-1944 or send a message using my contact form. I look forward to working with you.

5 reasons to do collaborative event paintings