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Roni Golan: Interactive Painting Performances
October 21, 2019 at 12:00 AM
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If you're hosting an event of any kind and want to have an entertainer who'll show you and your guests a great time, my interactive painting performances are for you. I'm a professional artist who puts on live interactive painting performances for you and your fellow attendees to participate in. Whether you'd like a solo performance or an original community painting experience, I guarantee you and your guests will have an amazing time. 

The Magic of Interactive Painting 

I'm originally from the gorgeous Israeli countryside, which only fueled my passion and spirit to become an artist and entertainer. I'm now based out of Illinois, though I work regularly in its bordering state, Wisconsin. I consider leading interactive painting events as equivalent to conducting an orchestra, and I want to bring that show to you!

My love of art, community, and celebration come together to make a painting experience for everyone involved, regardless of their artistic inclinations or abilities. When you invite me to your event, I'll bring a massive array of acrylic paints, canvas, and everything we'll need for an amazing time.

Bring Life to Your Event

I'm experienced in performing for a wide variety of events, and I know how to adjust and customize accordingly. Here are some of the events in which I perform: 

  • Team Building
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Appreciation Parties
  • Birthdays 
  • Community Events
  • Retirement Parties
  • Life Celebrations (memorials)

Have an event not listed above? I'd love to hear about it and discuss how I can customize the performance to suit you and your event.

Fun for all ages and abilities, you and your guests are welcome to join in the creation of a completely original work of art. You'll then be able to keep the piece and treasure it as a beautiful keepsake of the occasion. If you've never engaged in a community painting experience before, I hope you will soon. There's nothing quite like it.

Make Special Memories (And a Special Keepsake)

If you've never been involved with interactive painting or seen a live painting performance, you may not be certain if these things are right for you and your event. However, there are so many reasons as to why interactive painting goes above and beyond your typical event entertainment. To list a few:

  • Interactive with guests
  • Accessible to both kids and seniors
  • Serves as a beautiful backdrop
  • Isn't rushed or intrusive to your event
  • Non-disruptive to conversations and other activities
  • Can be sophisticated, funny, relaxing, and emotional all at once
  • You gain a lifelong keepsake 

An interactive painting performance can be emotionally very moving. To be surrounded by people you care about, creating an original work of art altogether is so powerful. When you compare it to your typical entertainment events where you all have to sit, listen, and not join in on the fun, there's almost no comparison!

Whether you're celebrating a wedding, a new birth, or a beautiful life that's no longer with us, an interactive painting performance will be something you'll never forget.

Experience a Roni Golan Performance

Want to learn more about my interactive painting performances and how they can be customized? Are you interested in booking me to add some magic to your next event? Please don't hesitate to reach out by using my online form, emailing, or calling 815-979-1944. 

You're also more than welcome to drop by and visit my Underground Art Gallery if you find yourself in Rockford! My Underground Art Gallery is located at 418 East State Street
Rockford, IL 61104 United States. I hope we'll be experiencing one of my painting performances together at your next celebration.