Experience the Power and Joy of Interactive Painting

November 14, 2019

Art should be joyful.

Art should be beautiful.

Art should bring people together, especially in our increasingly fractured and social media-saturated age.

In a time of division, we need togetherness and shared experiences of fun, joy, and laughter. That is why I work to bring the beauty and spirit of art to you. 

My Artistic Inspiration

I come from a laid-back place, the countryside of Israel. Shaped by the lifestyle of the Eastern Mediterranean, I gained appreciation at a young age for simple pleasures. For me, the best of those pleasures was to pick up a brush, drag it through the perfect colors, and craft a powerful and magnetic image on canvas. 

My art is as intense and spirited as I am, which has inspired many who want to watch, or even participate in, my creative process. I enjoy bringing people together and can customize the program to fit any special themes or needs. This includes the participation of children and also the differently-abled. 

Solo Art Performances

Bob Ross helped to create the idea that painting on canvas could be more than a solitary experience. His personality, talent, and style inspired millions to try and create on their own. 

Likewise, I enjoy demonstrating and teaching others how to paint. I hope that after they watch, they feel inspired to go home and start creating their own wondrous masterpieces.

I love to combine my acrylic paints, canvasses, our shared love of art, and the spirit of the Israeli Mediterranean coast for the delight of others.

Creating Interactive Painting Gatherings

Although I truly enjoy painting for others, my true passion lies in putting on interactive painting events. 

The best communal painting events center around a theme to be remembered or celebrated. Most of these events take place at weddings, remembrances, parties of family and/or friends, anniversaries, birthdays, and more. 

I also work with companies. The most popular corporate events involve celebrating an important date or milestone for the business. I also enjoy using painting as a team-building activity.

Any number of participants can join in the fun. Some projects can involve over a hundred participants.

Communal painting accomplishes two important things. First, it brings people together in a light-hearted spirit of collaboration. It teaches the value of adding important contributions while not covering up or outshining those of another. People experience the fun, but also the value, of developing camaraderie. We all learn the value of working together to build something more beautiful.

Second, the collaboration produces a beautiful symbol, a treasure to be cherished for years. For some, the symbolism is of a shared event where those who participated enjoyed themselves and each other. Others remember the importance of the event itself, a person’s life remembrance, a couple’s wedding, 

In today’s world, we do not connect with each other often enough in any meaningful way. Perhaps that is why tensions between people have not seen these heights in generations. 

Art has always brought people together in appreciation and discussion. I enjoy taking that concept to its natural end, inviting all to come together and feel the joy of cooperation to produce a memorable piece of art.

Reach Out Today

Interested in bringing people together for a truly unique and amazing participatory experience? Contact me today. We can answer any questions that you may have about what goes on during a painting event, or schedule one for your group or business.

Let us set aside the cares of the day and join together in our shared love of art.