Special Events Made Better With Group Painting

October 6, 2021

Whether you are planning a wedding, business conference, or milestone birthday, it’s not always easy to come up with an idea that will make the occasion memorable for your guests. One of the best ways to make your special event stand out is by curating a one-of-a-kind experience that all of your guests can participate in.

In the past decade, the event planning market has become saturated with countless entertainers, instructors, and hobbyists who promise to elevate your special day with their services. However, most of these offerings are relatively similar to one another, resulting in the same activities over and over again. Common forms of entertainment include wine tastings, tarot card readings, dance lessons, and live music. Therefore, if you are really looking to impress your guests, the key is to host an experience that they have never seen before.

Roni Golan has answered the call by offering his signature group painting sessions at special events. Roni is an innovator in the event planning space, as he is the only group painting instructor of his kind. Below we have provided a few reasons why group painting is sure to take your special event to the next level.


For many of us, artful self-expression becomes low on our list of priorities as we age. While children are constantly using their imaginations through arts and crafts, very few people hold on to this playful sensibility later in life. Group painting is therefore an excellent way to give your guests a dose of fun on your event day. The more participants who leave their mark on the canvas, the more chaotic and playful the image tends to become. This fun, collaborative experience is sure to put your guests in a positive, lighthearted state of mind so they can enjoy the festivities.

Bonding and collaboration

The idea behind group painting is that participants will have an opportunity to collaborate with those around them in the creation of a single masterpiece. Where many painting instructors in the U.S. host classes and events, Roni Golan is the only artist who has turned painting into a joint effort that bonds people together, and allows individuals to enjoy the creative side of their peers. Event-goers can support each other, and celebrate differences within the group by encouraging others to contribute, using their creative-imagination. Group painting ideas differ between people, however this experience will give people a chance to communicate their thoughts and express their style to others.

Shared final product

At the end of many organized experiences, guests will have the opportunity to take home their creation, or a product that they have learned about during the session. For example, participants of wine tastings often have the option to take home a bottle of wine. Similarly, pottery classes allow participants to keep their work of art as a memento. It is not often however, that event-goers create something together, that they can then keep as a reminder of the shared experience. During a group painting session with Roni Golan, colleagues can produce a piece of art to hang in the office. Alternatively, wedding goers can create a handmade gift for the bride and groom. This way, participants will not only remember the experience, but they are sure to remember the people they shared it with. Roni invites painters to sign the back of the canvas at the end of the session to commemorate the occasion.

Are you planning a special event in the near future? Contact Roni Golan today to share your group painting ideas, and plan an experience that your guests will never forget.

Two men sharing group painting ideas at a wedding